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Read the following locksmith tips and lock out burglars. Easy ways to deal with everyday problems.

Remote locks are faster

The best and most efficient way to lock and unlock your front gates and garage doors in the fastest manner is by using remote key locks. This is ideal for all individuals who are always in a hurry. These are like remote controls that you can easily use without having to go out of your vehicle just so you can get in, thus saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Using remote keys

For those who are looking for a faster and more efficient way in locking and unlocking garage doors and gates, Locksmith Pasadena highly recommends the use of remote key locks. It enables you to control the doors at a distance. You just have to make sure that you always have a spare set of batteries in case it goes low on battery. Keep a set in your car and in your home.

Remember to lock the doors

Some people spend a fortune on good security door locks but neglect to secure them. It's important to keep the doors and windows locked even if you are in the house. Intruders will come in from an open window even if you're in the next room.

The down side of panicking

When you are in a car lockout situation and you panic, Pasadena experts believe you might not get the kind of help you deserve. Instead of getting help, you might not be able to call for someone to get you or you have discussed the wrong direction. Try to relax and breathe deeply before calling for assistance.

Don't leave windows open

Open windows are a clear invitation and you don't want coming face to face with intruders. Keep the windows closed especially on the ground floor and avoid leaving them open during the night even if they're on the second floor. Trees and ladders will help perpetrators overstepping height problems.

Put double cylinder locks if your door is by the window

A door that’s closely situated to a window will be easy enough to break in. Potential thieves will only need to break the window glass and turn the knob to gain entry. That’s why our experts in Pasadena advise that it is important that you have a double cylinder lock installed, which require keys to open.

Don’t use rusty keys

Here is a simple tip on keys that can save you a lot of hassle. Check out our video for more information.

Upgrade to advance home locks every five years

This is an effective strategy for protecting your home from burglars given the pace at which technology advances. If you live in a high-crime area, you should get the locks replaced more often.

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