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Is it possible to produce car key duplicates for everybody in my family?

Yes, of course. Professional services make it possible for you, and other members of your family to have a duplicate of your car keys. No matter what your car model may be, expert locksmiths will be able to help you out. Along with this possibility is the responsibility of keeping your keys in a safe place.

Is it possible to rekey my basement at home?

As emphasized by various experts at Locksmith Pasadena , professional locksmith services are provided to any door in a home. Rekeying of your basement is possible.  An expert locksmith will handle the process for you and be assured of a prompt response. Your basement at home also needs to be protected from unauthorized entry especially if you keep valuable things inside.

What are the usual methods of intruders?

Burglars use different methods to enter homes according to Locksmith Pasaden.They pick on door locks or kick the door down. They hammer the lock or spread the door frameapart. They drill the lock or simply get access to your keys through an open window. Some just walk in because homeowners leave the doors unlocked.

Can I paint my locks?

It is not advisable unless you have the support of our technicians. Remember that the paint material can easily seep into the crevices of the locks and then set so that it becomes nearly impossible to open or close. Masking can be used for protection.

What’s the solution for a sticky lock?

If cleaning and lubrication don’t improve the lock’s performance, it should be repaired or changed. Replacing a lock with a more advanced one results in higher security.

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