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Do I Keep Secret that I Am Going Away for Vacations?

10/20/2013 Back To Blog

It is supposed to be the best time of the year but, lately, people get really anxious about leaving their property unprotected for long and are bombarded with so many “dos” and “don'ts” before they go. They are perplexed and confused and some keep wondering why they should keep their going away on vacations such a big secret! Well, folks, that's the result of our dangerous worlds that we created and now we have to live with the consequences. We have to live with well locked windows, renew the door locks often and never share our happiness with our friends.Do I Keep Secret that I Am Going Away for Vacations?

The “don'ts” list

So many “don'ts” make us feel like school children, who expect their punishment and we are actually punished because we confine our worlds to a few trusted friends and some beloved relatives and keep a low profile and typical manners with people at work or other people as if having the locks replaced is a crime we should keep to ourselves. Though, it has to do with our security and, therefore, our hands are tied.

  • Of course, you must not tell anyone you don't know very well, even if you have seen them multiple times.
  • You should keep it from your neighbors as well unless you know them well and trust them.
  • You must certainly not make any announcements in the internet. Criminal minds chat, too. They will have a field day knowing that they will have the time to pick on your security door locks.
  • You must never leave your house looking empty and abandoned.

On the other hand

You can certainly tell your best friends and close relatives and share your joy. In fact, those close to you must keep the keys of your house in order to pick up junk mail, papers and make your house look functional and vivid. If you live in a small warm community, you could also tell the police. On the other hand, you must prepare your house and have these windows fixed, have the keys checked and if necessary do key repair and you should consider deadbolt installation to be certain that you leave behind a well secured home.

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